Sizzling Pork Buns

sizzling pork buns

OMG I want to eat you

OK so I know this isn’t a food blog as such, but I DO love food, so I reckon it’s fair enough to have the occasional ode to the King of Joys: Eating.

I’m down visiting my family for my Dad’s birthday, and taking advantage of their supreme cooking.Like many, I only started truly appreciating my mum’s cooking after I left for uni (oh foolish child that I was then! I should have eaten more!!). As described in The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan, the Chinese show their love to their offspring via stern offerings of food. Food is a BIG DEAL.

Today, we made fried pork buns. It’s essential a doughball stuffed with pork, fried. YES.

Be careful, these little guys are rakishly hot when they’re done – and release a volcanic burst of steam when you bite into them.

I’ve eaten 9 so far.