About me

Hello, my name’s Lisa, I’m 27 at time of writing this, I’m pretty average.

But’s that’s all about to change!

I’m embarking on a journey to become AWESOME.


Why yes please, I’d love another cupcake.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. oh come on Lisa, I would think a person who is striving to become awesome would give an intro of such awesomeness that everyone who reads your ‘about me’ page would find such an awesome description of yourself and your life people with a normal life style feel that they will not attain such awesomeness that they would set fire to themselves and run screaming down the street chanting your name, others lick the screens of their touchscreen display just to get closer to you, as well as young females who should be hunting down life partners but they are sitting in the corner of their bedroom while the carpets soak up a puddle of their own urine and with a permanent marker writing sacred passages of your blog on their body.

    But it’s not happening……why?…….Your not awesome enough, are you Lisa, are you?

    • Not YET Pete, not YET. But soooon. Gimme a chance, I only started this blog in July!! 🙂 anyway, I rather hope that by starting off average and becoming awesome (eventually), readers will think “hey maybe I can be awesome too” and run off and follow their dreams and the world becomes full of awesome, fulfilled, happy people. Although I also liked your description; I’ll not stop anyone if they want to write any of my text on their body, as long as they correctly cite me as a reference of course and pay modest royalties. No setting anyone on fire though please *shudders*

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