Moving house: poetic ode to the Northern Line

Goodbye Northern line!
Goodbye, goodbye!
Five years you’ve carried me,
And now I say goodbye.

Like a rough lover,
You swept me off my feet.
Lolita in your lap,
Kisses…not so sweet.

Branching fingers,
Bewildering, breaking,
Endlessly engineering,
Too oft forsaking.

I have wondered at your length,
I have explored your every zone.
By day I feel your rumble,
At night I hear you moan.

I wandered through your Woodside Park,
You cupped the Oval of my heart.
East Finchley was all air and light,
Tooting Bec has been alright.

With weary feet,
I trace your spine,
Each vertebra familiar,
On the Northern Line.

Goodbye my Cleopatra, 
My thunderous Nubian queen.
We’ll be on the move shortly,
And the signal ahead is green.

Next time our paths cross,
You’ll be no longer mine.
I’m off to greener pastures,
I’m off to the District Line.


Drum roll please: Lisa gets Wuthering awesome!



The final results of the Kate Bush Wuthering Heights homage filming day are here for your personal enjoyment.


Yes I agree I pull some unflattering faces – I need to work on that.

And yes, my lip syncing is a bit haphazard – I need to work on that too.

And yes alright, I clearly get a bit dizzy when twirling madly and lack some coordination – BUT I LOOK FLIPPIN’ AWESOME DAMMIT!!!!!!


Thanks so much to Joe and Jerome for their film-making awesomeness – I frankly can’t believe you gave up your time and talent to humour the witless whims of a batty Chinese lady and I love you deeply for it!



Kate Bush Wuthering Heights homage – Flailings on Film

I may have mentioned in a previous post or 2 about my respect for Kate Bush, and my desire to reproduce her Wuthering Heights video.

Today, thanks to 3 lovely people – Joe, Jerome, and of course Ben – we made the first step of this happen.

I got up at 7:30 am to start applying green eyeshadow to my bleary puffy eyes.

At 8:45 am, I strided forth into London dressed head to toe as KB – of course, no one in London blinks an eye at such dreary attire.

10 am at Hampstead Heath, we found the most secluded spot we could (tricky, dog walkers were abundant) (and it transpired later that we were next to a blackberry hedge… every sweet-faced mother and her rose-bud-lipped offspring seemed to be out picking the berries today), and pitched up.

I had feared that I would feel foolish dancing on the Heath in a floaty red dress (I even made my own voluminous sleeves!! Hand-sewn! [very poorly] [one sleeve was attached inside out but I couldn’t face unpicking the stitches]) but instead I felt like a glorious film star.

Reflectors were used people! (big round foil-covered things that shine light onto the performer’s (ME!!!) face. I luxuriated in its glow). A tripod was present.

It was pure glam I tell you. I just needed a fluttery makeup artist to keep powdering my forehead – sadly none was present so my rapid perspiration probably dominated the screen.

We filmed for roughly 3 hours.

I don’t know how well you know the WH dance, but my god my legs were jelly by the end. There is a surprising number of squatting movements. The dreaded Back Bend damn near killed me (I collapsed backwards onto my arse on most attempts).

But ’tis done!!!

Before we’d finished packing the reflectors away, storm clouds rushed in and started raining on us (I quickly melted from a glamorous video star to a drowned psychotic witch).

If filming an iconic music video isn’t enough to make your Sunday, we then trouped off in the rain (“it’s a wrap!”) to stuff our faces with succulent grilled chicken at Chicken Shop in Kentish Town –  – thanks Kasia for the recommendation.

The footage has been whisked away for post-production, but here are some ‘The Making Of’ photos to give you an idea of what’s to come.

Why can’t Mondays be more like Sundays?