Asian girl with a British attitude

That’s what the guy called me.

I couldn’t believe it.

I’d been politely saying “excuse me” over and over again, waiting at a paella stall at Borough Market, desperately trying to get a takeaway meal that I could rush off with because I was late.

I had managed to get the attention of a waitress and then a waiter, but both said I needed to wait for the ‘chef’ to put the paella in a box for me.

The chef was standing right in front of me, holding a plate of food, hollering for someone to take it away, and not looking at me. He’s the one I’d been saying “excuse me” to.

Eventually he dumps the plate on the counter, and goes to get a box.

“I heard you,” he said. He looks at me, eyebrows raised.

“But you decided to ignore me??” I was incredulous. Why didn’t he acknowledge my frantic squeaks? Just a nod or a “I’ll be with you in a sec” would have been totally fine.

Excuse me! Excuse me!” he chimed. “You’re an Asian girl with a British attitude.”


What did he mean? I was completely taken aback.

Excuse me! Excuse me!

So now I know he meant it as a bad thing.

“What’s a British attitude?” I asked, bristling.

Excuse me! Excuse me!” He spooned paella into a box.

“What’s the right attitude?” I demanded, a little louder. “What should I have done?? Click my fingers and say ‘service!’?”

“If you were in Europe, you would have hit me over the head with a bottle”, he laughed, not good-humouredly. I stared. Was he being nice or horrid? His general tone was derisive. I got the feeling it was the latter. The way he said “excuse me excuse me” made it sound like he thought I was pathetic and childish. Was I? Is that what a British attitude was?


“For your ‘excuse me excuse me’, you can have this.” He put a bit of chorizo on the box of food. So now he’s being nice?!

I still don’t understand what’s just happened.

I was so cross I could barely eat the food.

He’s right. I am an Asian girl with a British attitude. So what?


8 thoughts on “Asian girl with a British attitude

  1. Your a British girl who was trying to get the attention of an ill mannered racist and saw you as an helpless female. You are in the UK, you are not in larger and vomit swilled street in some Costa del Crap where fish and chips are swilled down with warm Watneys Red label, where one is embarrassed to even think that you or I am British, where lack of quality service is the norm as well as fights over who ordered what ends up with blood mixing in with urine before it joins the vomit and ale.
    If he wants to be abused by females I am sure for £25 each he could find a couple of scatly clad females who will walk over his testicles in stilettos. Or he can take his chefs hat and get the next flight to join thr other crap chefs in the Costa del Paella.

    We like polite young ladies who say excuse me, Asian or not, but how can you eat PAELLA!I! 🙂

    • Haha thanks for the gallant reply! After writing the post, I started doubting myself and wondering whether he was actually making a social comment on the growing desire for instant gratification in the modern, technology-fuelled “Western” economies…. and plunged into existential angst. Your rageful and mildly non-PC comment makes me feel much better!!! 🙂

      • lol I work with children, so being mildly PC is the norm 🙂 Believe me even if I won an all inclusive holiday to any of the Costa’s I would stick it on Ebay for the first bidder of £20 I will throw in HIV, Hep A,B,C shots and a very large barge pole. I cannot think a worse nightmare then being on holiday with other Brits especially if they are under 25.
        I am no snob, I am from Grimsby and working class but I go on holiday to have a quiet time of catching a few rays and photographing culture. 🙂
        I am glad I made you feel better, we don’t want that type of service in a country that is built on the backs of shop keepers…… “England is a nation of shopkeepers.” —Napoleon.

    • Sadly, I LOVE paella!

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