Racking my brains for great stuff to do. Ideas please.

I suspect I’ve been going about this the wrong way round.

I’ve been thinking, and it struck me that people who are awesome, like Roald D, Beyonce, Richy B, and KB, didn’t set out to become awesome. They set out to do something awesome, and when they did it, that by default made them awesome.

“To be, one must do.”

I’m not quoting anyone, I just made that up myself.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was said by a prophet/poet and appeared on one of the London Underground “Thought of the day” boards.

I’m definitely transitioning from the Research phase of my project to the Brainstorming phase.

As such, I feel a list coming on. (toes tingle with excitement!)

List of Awesome Things To Do (ATTD)

  1. Bring joy to the world.
  2. Set up free showers for the homeless.

Ok that’s all I got. For now.

The first one, I just slung in there in a panic, because I wanted to have more than one thing on my list, and the second, I came up with this weekend when a homeless man asked for money on the Tube and I felt bad for him.

In all seriousness, I wonder whether ATTD#2 is perhaps a great idea. After all, a homeless person would probably quite like to be clean.

BUT, I fear that I am blinkered by ignorant naivety and blockheadedness, and that actually homeless people would much rather have food, or a bed, or a sustainable source of help that allowed them to regain their independence with dignity, and that the offer of a shower would actually be quite offensive.

I don’t know. I need more ideas. Any suggestions?

On the tube home tonight, another homeless man asked the passengers for spare change or spare food.

I gave him a Love Hearts sherbert dip.

He considered it, and then accepted.


5 thoughts on “Racking my brains for great stuff to do. Ideas please.

  1. Why make a ‘list to become awesome’ Why not chuck your list away and do things spontaneously, it will make you feel awesum. I do things of kindness spontaneously, there was an old woman in front of me in the supermarket who was struggling with paying for a small bit of shopping, counting out the pennies and had to put two things back the shopping was less the £10 so I paid for it. It was a immediate reaction. I came out walking on air feeling great, I hope the people around me would take the lesson of kindness away with them and the do someting nice. You may not look awesome, you will inside. 🙂

    • Ahhh!! 🙂 That’s very generous of you! Sure that woman was thrilled to bits.
      I think you’re right in that I should be more spontaneous (maybe I should add that to the list??) but I do think that I am one of the listophiles who can’t think straight or get anything done unless it’s put in front of me in a linear set of bullets! Maybe a combo of the approaches? List for larger tasks (e.g., showers for homeless) and spontaneity for off-the-cuff acts of [insert positive character trait here]? One thing I thought of was that I love buying and making cards but have few occasions to send them, so maybe I could buy/draw a load and put them through random letterboxes with friendly poems inside?

      • Do you want to do this to make you feel good or to make the receiver feel good, empathy is a difficult word to say when you are drunk but its easier to do after a bottle of wine or 3, its “oh I know how you feel, I feel the same, I love you…..”
        What about Altruism, are you doing all this for reward or just because it makes you feel good?, but isnt feeling good by doing a deed reward? Is there a purely altruistic act? But if you want to be awesome and feel awesome its not an altruistic act.
        I wonder if you can over the weekend perform a altruistic act, I know I couldn’t, I know every good act I did it would make feel good
        So I wonder if the ultimate sacrifice is the purely altruistic act, the solider chucking him/herself on a grenade, attacking a machine gun post knowing that there is no chance of survival, pushing a child out the way of a speeding train, there is no reward to be had as the hero would be killed…….oh I have rewarded the person turning them into a hero.

        So shall we just enjoy doing unselfish acts to make ourselves feel good and if everyone did their own small act of kindness, how nice this world would be. Imagine just before you get mugged you hand the mugger a potted plant or a cup of coffee and a sandwich. ………. 🙂

      • Good question.

        I’ll be honest, this whole project is just aimed at making me feel good. But then, I would argue that all anyone ever does is ultimately to make themselves feel good, and in some cases they care enough about someone or something such that doing something for them is what makes them feel good. In short, I do not believe in true altruism, nor do I covet it. This isn’t to say I am a massive cynic who hates the world. A kind act for selfish reasons is OK. I think.

        So yeah I’m trying to become awesome for my own reward. This reward doesn’t have to be monetary (although I will accept cheques) (until the banks stop accepting them). It’s probably more for my peace of mind and sense of self-worth.

      • Well tell you honestly Lisa, my estimation of you have climbed also 100% percent. I do like your honesty, but you know that you will only be awesome in your own eyes, there will always be someone more awesome then you somewhere in the world, it seems to be 1 Direction at the moment 🙂 .

        I have my hero’s, one being a friend of mine who lives their life caring for two children but if you knew the story you would understand.
        Most of us wish we were awesome, I used to fence and I thought I was awesome, until while in the RAF I was invited for trials to become a member of the British fencing team, I thought at 18 I must be one of the best fencers in the UK, awesome….. I didn’t last a day and had the shit fenced out of me……no longer awesome just an fencer who had is arse kicked by really awesome fencers who deserved the medals they went onto win.

        Many years down the road, finds me disabled due to a motorbike accident, find it difficult to walk, sleep and control my pee but I don’t let that kill my self worth as I am still here doing my own thing and treating people the way I wish to be treated and dining out on the day I missed being at the Olympics……maybe. Don’t spend to much time trying to be awesome as you just may miss the awesome things in life 🙂 xx

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