Role models

I have identified some role models. That is not to say I wish to emulate their every hair flick, but they have certain qualities that I admire and aspire to.

  • Beyonce
    Sheer beauty, goddess-ey-ness (adnoun??), gleaming embodiment of strength, confidance, grace, energy, badass
  • Richard Branson
    Daring, charismatic leader, eclectic interests, fun, mad, illogical
  • Roald Dahl
    Captivating, hilarious, inventive, encouraging, adventurous, warm, satisfyingly savage

These guys are pretty Awesome and are the sort of hero I would like to become.

  • Sassy performer
  • Fun-loving tycoon
  • Raucous adventurer (who then writes scrumdumptulous children’s stories)

As part of the Research phase of this project, I shall look into their biographies, and see if I can maybe gather some ideas.

Feel free to suggest any other ideas of potential role models.

(I did look up Steve Jobs, but he sounded rather aggressive – something about a boardroom coup? Made me think of a cluster of hens waddling rapidly around a boardroom, feathers flying)


Get on ’em lads!


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