A moment of doubt

Possibly this whole enterprise is arrogant.

“We can’t all be superstars!” I hear you cry.

But surely one needs a certain amount of delusional self-belief to bear living this life?

If not propelled by the tiny wriggling suspicion/hope that oneself is a Very Special Person, who is just moments away from doing some Wondrous Thing, what the hell am I grinding forward for?

This is not to write off the infinite joys of friends, family, and love. (L♥VE!)

And then, eventually, my own family later.

But their lives are not mine, and I have to have some sparkle in my little bit of space-time, independent of anyone else. I don’t lust after e-textbooks citing my name in centuries to come, but in my own way I must do Something Special.

And if possible, it should be Absolutely Tremendously Fantastic!!


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