Risks analysis

Now, like a good project manager, I’m going to think about what might go wrong in this perfect plan of mine.


  • I look like a wally. 
    This is OK within reason. As long as I don’t lose my job or my parents get whiff of this, I can take a fair bit of wally-looking, in stints. I practically do it for a living anyway.
  • I spend loads of money and go bankrupt.
    This would not be awesome. I’d have to ‘fess up to the ‘rents, and borrow cache. I mean cash. Worse, I end up inflicting debt on others, their babies starve, and they grow resentful and hate me.
    –>To combat this, I will set up an A-fund and draw up an A-budget.
  • Single-minded pursuit of A causes me to neglect other areas of my life, leading to body odour, estrangement from friends, family, and boyf (FFB).
    –>To combat this, I will allocate a set amount of time per week to spend on chasing A-status
  • I lose interest/hope/energy and give up.
    Motivation will be pretty key to this whole endeavour. Most A-icons seem pretty motivated. 
    –> To combat dying will, I will write little reminders and cheery encouraging notes to myself and leave them in opportune places, with bars of chocolate for good measure.
    –>I’ll also reward myself along the way. e.g., “If I save some starving orphans, I can buy shoes.”
    –> Gather cheerleaders from FFB crew.
  • Unexpected challenges and distractions occur.
    e.g., I get made redundant after posting some cheeky remark, so can no longer feed self or fund A-project
    e.g., I get pregnant and panic about procreation instead of focusing on achieving A
    –> Allow contingency time in my plan to get back on my feet. And contingency budget.
  • I die.
    Well this would be a bit of a shitter, but I suppose there’s not much to be done here other than looking both ways when I cross the road and not start too many drunken fights. I could always write a will entrusting my A-fund (when I have one) to a charity dedicated to developing A. TIDA: Trust for the Inspiration and Development of Awesomeness. That would be OK I guess.

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