Getting SMART


Using all of my brain cell to make sure my objective is clever

OK so let’s follow the standard procedure and set up some SMART objectives.

Actually there is only 1 objective:

To become AWESOME.

A person whose deeds, presence, and legacy inspires awe in others.

Is this SMART?

S: Specific – reasonably specific. I didn’t use the word ‘amazing’ (not emphatic enough) or ‘great’ (pah! vanilla) or ‘fabulous’ (too glamorous), all of which have their merits, but are not AWESOME.

M: Measurable – tricky. I could do this by:

  • Self-assessment –> too dependent on my mood/hormones/arrogance level on the day.
  • Other’s judgement –> maybe I need to produce a questionnaire. It could be as simple as “On a scale of 1-10, how awesome would you say I was?” Conceited, much? Would also require a representative dataset, say 1000. I don’t even know 1000 people. Yet.
  • Prizes/awards/qualifications –> …that are generally awarded to people widely agreed to be awesome . This could be a knighthood (or female equivalent), a Nobel prize, a sainthood, or Forbes magazine (although this only tells me if I am rich; consider suggesting new AI [Awesomeness Index] to Forbes editor in chief). Really this is just a subset of previous bullet point.
  • Followers of this blog exceeds (for example) 3 million –>  Although this doesn’t necessarily mean I have become awesome, that would be rather a lot of readers, so that in itself would be quite nice.

A: Achievable –> yes. I think so. Why not?

R: Realistic –> see above.

T: Time limited –> meaning I have to set myself a deadline. Well let’s see, this whole job is probably heavy going, so let’s say I should be awesome by the age of 50 years. That’s ages away. 23 years is enough to get my act together, right??


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