Action Plan

Okay, so that’s the objectives sorted.

Now for the Action Plan.


I recently saw the term “chunk up and chunk down” on the back of a Career go-getter self-help book (yes that’s how bad it’s getting – my friend stopped me from buying anything thank God. I can just see the headlines “Suicidal average girl throws herself to tragic death under train at Wimple – police prise Ratios for Managers from her cold mangled hands.”)

It may sound like a description of the unsteady motion of incompletely digested food subsequent to le vin, but it actually refers to the technique of breaking a massive task down into littler, less scary ones (and grouping small tedious tasks into rompous batches).

(Roumpous is a word, I just checked on Urban Dictionary. Anyway Shakespeare made up words willy nilly and look how well he got on.)




  • Research (read bios of A people in the past/present to get ideas)
  • Brainstorm (try out lots of things that look interesting that maybe I could find an A niche in)
  • Select path
  • Procure tools (be they qualifications, experience, tattoos, or wings)
  • Garner help (find support crew)
  • Seek/create A-nurturing environment (preferably in this galaxy)
  • Exercise mini-A things
  • Practise slightly larger-scale A things
  • Go full out A




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